The Granite Trails Team

Simon Knight, Director and Instructor

Simon is the director of Granite Trails. He has been working in various areas of the outdoor adventure industry for many years and thinks he has the best job in the world! Simon set up Granite Trails after moving back to Dartmoor following many years living and working in Snowdonia, North Wales. Most of Simon's spare time is spent having adventures in the South West and furthur afield. He is a keen Climber, skier, cyclist and surfer, his favorite place to climb is on the golden granite sea cliffs of west Cornwall. As well as running Granite Trails, Simon is also the technical advisor for the Camp Kernow.

Matt Knapp, Instructor

Matt Is a hugely enthusiastic climber and mountaineer, he is based in Devon and is a very experienced instructor with in-depth knowlege of the best climbing and hill walking in the South West. Matt has also climbed, skied and mountain biked to a high standard in the Scottish mountains and French alps.

Kate Ryley, Instructor

Kate enjoy's a wide range of outdoor activities, she is a keen climber, mountain biker, sailor and surfer. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious and she's great at inspiring those around her to get out and have adventures! Kate is also and excelent photographer and adventure film maker.

Ian Stewart, Instructor

Ian is our expert in the scottish mountains. He lives in Aviemore and always has the latest info on winter conditions in the mountains. Ian is a very experienced climber and skier, he is a great instructor with many years experience. The rest of the Granite Trails team highly value Ian's experience and knowlege when heading for the scottish hills.

Jake Philips, Instructor

Jake is from West Cornwall and as such knows the awesome crags of that area as well as anyone. Jake has travelled and climbed all over the world, His enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious and everyone who climbs with Jake has a lot of fun!

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